Dynocom 7500 Performance Dyno



We offer an in ground, state of the art, custom built Dynocom 7500 performance dyno with an electric eddy brake.


2200 hp +, 7500 ft-lbs, 220 mph


Steady state and step rate testing

Horse power pulls

1/4 mile simulation


Certified speedometer calibration

Continuous Recording

OBD2, boost and thermocouple data can be recorded and  used for play back and diagnosis.

Performance Tuning

The 7500 provides performance tuning for those vehicles that will allow onboard computer programming.

Car Clubs and Sunday Dyno Days

You can rent the dyno on a per run basis or for several hours or for the entire day and Car Clubs and individuals are welcome to bring in their own Tuner.  You can rent a two post lift work bay in conjunction with your tuner session.  Sunday Dyno Days will be set up for individuals to join the dyno day event on a discounted per run basis.  A drag light tree is available to time your 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile times.